Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rollin' like a Moose-flavored steamroller!

So Chris Prather pointed out Adam Kennedy's latest CPAN Top 100 data to me and noted that Moose now has more downstream dependencies (see the "Volatile 100" tab) then DBI does (we have 1032 compared to DBI's 977). Now of course, DBI is a much more widely used module out in the DarkPAN and I harbor no delusions about what this comparison really means. However, Moose is growing like crazy the last few months and while we still don't have as many downstream dependencies as Class::Accessor (they have 1694, so just 662 left to go) we did recently surpass them on direct dependencies (Moose has 591 and C::A has 567). And looking over the list of authors of these Class::Accessor modules I do see a lot of known Moose conspirators.

It seems I have created a monster :)