Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moose 1.00 is released

With help from Florian Ragwitz and all the rest of the Moose contributors, I just uploaded Moose 1.00 and Class::MOP 1.00 to the CPAN! And I am proud to say that over the last eight months or so, I have barely contributed more then a handful of lines of code to the project. This is not to say that I have abandoned it, but that it has now moved beyond me and is truly a community driven and developed project. And to that I raise my glass and say ...

Of course this doesn't mean anything more then 0.99 meant, I declared Moose 0.18 to be stable and ready to use almost 3 years ago, but reaching this release is still a milestone if only in that it will make it easier for some people convince their bosses to let them use Moose :)