Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ich bin ein Moose-er

Thanks to the efforts of Lars Dieckow (daxim) the new Moose website has already gotten a ton of nice SEO and accessibility improvements, but now we have our first official translation into German. So I would like to announce the launch of

If anyone else would like to do some translating, patches are always welcome.


  1. I would love to, if only I had any idea how to clone that repository. A gitweb link isn’t very helpful for actually contributing…

  2. @Aristotle, information on cloning the repository can be found on the download page of the site ( just s/Moose/moose-website/.

  3. That’s very non-obvious – you really should note that in your posts. Better yet if the gitweb view also had the corresponding URL in its description (which currently shows the “Unnamed repository; edit this file” boilerplate).

    I’d send patches :-), but these things cannot be done inside the repository.