Monday, January 18, 2010

Perl Oasis 2010

So this weekend I went down to the Perl Oasis (a.k.a - Orlando Perl Workshop, or OPW for short), which is a small one day conference run by Chris Prather and his wife Jamie. I had missed it last year, but I heard so many good reviews of it I decided that this year I couldn't miss it, and I am really glad I didn't because I had a really great time.

There were lots of great people, great talks and great conversation. Some highlights include miyagawa's Plack talk (Plack really should be the top search result for "Perl Web Server"), Lucas Oman gave a really interesting talk about trying to implement Roles in PHP, the always entertaining Matt Trout gave a talk in the form of an epic poem and many more.

I find that I really enjoy the small and short conferences, they are usually on a weekend (less work juggling to do) and everything is a group activity enjoyed by all (much easier to coordinate activities when you don't have 300+ attendees). This conference, along with the always fun Pittsburgh Perl Workshop are now both on my "can't miss" list.


  1. It was fantastic to finally meet you man, your talk was excellent, as well as the talks you listed.

    I had a great time and highly recommend this to everyone in the future.

  2. Thanks for the nice words. Hope to see you at PPW 2010.


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