Monday, January 25, 2010

Perl Oasis Slides

So I finally found some time this weekend to annotate my slides from OPW and get them uploaded to the interweb. The theme of the talk was two fold. First was that we all stand on top of the shoulders of those who came before us and that Open Source is a great context in which to do that, both when building on top of computer science concepts and when borrowing lessons learned from other language communities. The second half the talk was about my recent experiments using Plack (which is the Perl Web Server, in case you hadn't heard), Bread::Board, Path::Router and Moose, which I combined together as an experiment I call OX.


  1. Did you think about deriving the routing information from the Controller class itself? I think this is very convenient in Catalyst - of course they made it too complex, but the right amount of it is really smooth.

  2. @zby: It would be possible yes, but i am currently leaning towards forcing the user to be explicit. It feels more decoupled to me this way because the "controller" never has to know about the fact it is being routed, and it is very easy to have a "private" action by simply not putting it in the router. Too much magic is nice, but as we have seen time and time again it can also be restricting. Right now I want to keep my options open.

  3. In 'private' actions I usually don't check the parameters too scrupulously - that's why I used to like to know at the point of sub definition if it will be called from outside. But since your router does check the parameters - then it seems like an interesting new solution.